Why won’t my iPhone charge? How to Fix iPhone Charging Problem/Issue?

So why won’t my iPhone charge? I have been facing this issue few days back. And finally I was able to fix this iPhone charging problem after doing a lot of searching for the solution. In this article, you will learn how to fix your iPhone charging issue from all the solutions I had collected so far.

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iPhone Charging Problem Issues and Solutions

All those who are currently dealing with a panic attack right now, you have arrived at the right place. After plugging in the charger for the umpteenth time, you are worried that perhaps the iPhone is wrecked. No, perhaps it’s not.

iphone charging problem issue

  1. Analyze and Evaluate: Technically, the three places where the issue resides are in the wall outlet, your USB cable or the charging port of the iPhone. When the device is plugged in, look at the status bar for the battery icon. If there’s a lightning bolt next to the icon, it’s charging up. If not, then let’s rule the above options out one by one.
    1. One of the basic reasons is the wall outlet you are currently using to charge, is faulty. Try changing the outlet or turning the light switches on. Or if you charge through a computer, try using a different USB port to check it.
    2. Next, comes up the cable. We are all aware that there are many cheap cables which are not certified and are not detectable. Refrain from using these. If the cable is fraying or torn or in any manner damaged, you need to buy a new cable. Try to charge using your friend’s cable; if it jumps to life then you have identified the source of the problem. If you purchased the iPhone recently, you might get it replaced for free as they are covered under warranty. Interestingly, there are cheap Amazon Lightning USB cables that are certified and work great.
    3. Oh, now there is your iPhone’s port which has undergone through a good deal of rubbish. Don’t believe me, then take a flashlight and observe how much debris, lint, gremlins and other stuff reside inside. Junk inside the port is too common and it can stop your phone from syncing, charging or getting any power at all. Also, check the end of the cable’s plug for the same lint too. You might get lucky.
  2. iPhone Software Solutions: Some of us might have had a bad experience with a blackout iPhone. Try to do a hard reset by holding power and home button long enough (around 30 seconds) and the Apple logo would appear and the phone reboots. Although it is rare, but a simple reboot may resolve the issue and the device could end up charging again.
  3. iPhone Debris Cleaning: Get your hands on a Q-Tip, toothpick or a dry toothbrush. Experts at Apple use special anti-static brushes to clean the insides of a defective port. You can buy them online, but toothbrushes are also a way to do that since the bristles are non-conducting. If you want to use a toothpick instead, take care that you have the lightest of hands as they can make the matters worse too. Blowing inside it with a can of air can force some small objects like pins or metal too. Lint mostly builds up in the pockets and a wad of gremlin or crud can easily stop electricity to be conducted.
  4. iPhone Repair Options: Perhaps the iPhone had not been run over by vehicles or been thrown out of a 10 story window; still a drop of liquid could have shorted out the connections in the port. Drying your iPhone, if you had taken it for a swim, in silica or rice may bring it back from the dead or let it die there as the damage would already have been done.

Those were the most common reasons for an iPhone to stop charging, so if the battery isn’t moving at all, you don’t see a charging indicator, and the device isn’t working; try the above steps before going to an Apple store or a certified professional.

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