AT&T Cell Phone Plans – Prepaid/Monthly/Pay As You Go Plans

AT&T is one of the largest cell phone carriers in the country. It offers 3G HSPA+ and 4G LTE high-speed data network. AT&T is known for providing good network coverage and is in neck-to-neck competition with Verizon in this parameter. It was a report submitted by RootMetrics, a survey company in two factors- annual network reliability and data performance. AT&T is known for its popular user-friendly plans in the growing market competition. The performance of AT&T is much better than T-Mobile and Sprint.

AT&T operates on 3G bandwidths of 850 MHz and 1900 MHz; LTE bandwidths are-700 MHz (Band 17), 850 MHz (Band 5), 1900 MHz (Band 2) and 1700/2100 MHz (Band 4). It has strong network coverage and provides the provision of rollover data.

AT&T Resellers

  • 420 Wireless
  • AirVoice
  • Black Wireless
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Cricket Wireless
  • Good2GO Mobile
  • H2O Wireless
  • Jolt Mobile
  • NET10 Wireless
  • Pure Talk
  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • SkyView Wireless
  • Straight Talk
  • TracFone

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

If you are looking for various plans of prepaid cell phones, then here is the plan table below. You can choose any plan according to your wish. Along with these cell phone plans, AT&T also offers unlimited data for users of DirecTV for one month; high speed till 22 GB and unlimited data at 2G speed after that. This plan includes unlimited talk and text and no overage charge.

Daily$21 dayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$0.01/5 KBFeature phone
Basic $25$2530 days250UnlimitedUnlimited$0.01/5 KBFeature phone
Basic $45$4530 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited2 GB 3G, Unlimited 2G afterFeature phone
Smart Phone $25$2530 days250UnlimitedUnlimitedNot included.

$0.01/5 KB or monthly add-on

Smart Phone
Smart Phone $40$4030 days500UnlimitedUnlimited500 MB 4GSmart Phone
Smart Phone $45$4530 daysunlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1 GB 4G, Unlimited 2GSmart Phone
Plan $55$5530 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1 GB 3G
Smart Phone $60$6030 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited2.5 GB 4GSmart Phone hotspot enabled

AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Benefits:

If you purchase an AT&T plan for your prepaid cell phone, then a number of benefits are included in your plan. Check out the benefits in the following table:

Plan Benefit Table

Benefits$60 Monthly$45 Monthly$30 Monthly
Save $5 Monthly with Auto Refill$55 per month$40 per monthNo
High Speed Data Access

Up to 4G LTE with compatible devices

5 GB2 GB$5 per 100 MB
Unlimited Talk and Text in the U.S.YesYesYes
Unlimited Messaging to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 countriesYesYesYes
Rollover DataYesYesNo
Unlimited Talk and Text from the U.S. to Mexico and CanadaYesNoNo
Includes Talk, Text and Data usage in Mexico and CanadaYesNoNo

In total, you can get the knowledge of the details of the plan as under:

  • $30 per month Plan- Unlimited talk and text; $5 per 100 MB of high-speed data; unlimited messaging to Mexico, Canada and over 100 countries.
  • $45 per month Plan– Unlimited talk and text; 2 GB of high-speed data; rollover data facility; unlimited messaging to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 countries.
  • $60 per month Plan- Unlimited talk and text; 5 GB of high-speed data; rollover data facility; unlimited messaging to Mexico, Canada and over 100 countries.

Mobile Share Advantage Plans

Mobile Share Advantage Plans of AT&T offers a varied amount of high-speed data on its cell phone plans. It starts from 1 GB per month to 100 GB per month. All the plans include unlimited minutes, messages and multimedia messages. There are no hidden overage fees.

Mobile Share Advantage Plan also comprises roll over data. However, AT&T slows down the data speed to 2G after the completion of monthly data allotted to you. You can contact your friends via text to over 120 countries free of charge. For each additional line, you will be charged $20 per month for the access charge plus the base price of the plan you are choosing.

High Speed DataPrice
1 GB$30
3 GB$40
6 GB$60
10 GB$80
16 GB$90
25 GB$110
30 GB$135

NOTE: Additional charges applicable.

AT&T Monthly Plan Add-Ons

If you want to add some extra data to your smartphone or feature phone or you want to make long distance calls to your friends in Mexico or any other country then, AT&T gives the monthly add-on plans. The table of AT&T monthly add-on plans is as under:

Data$0.01Single5 KbFeature Phones
Data$10.00Monthly1 GB
Data$5.00Monthly100 MBSmart Phones
Data$5.00Monthly50 MBFeature Phones
International TalkInternational Long Distance$5.00Monthly250*
International TalkMexico Plus Long Distance$10.00Monthly1000#


*For $5, you can get 250 minutes of talk time per month from the U.S. to landlines in over 50 countries including Mexico, Canada, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Call to cell phone sin the selected countries are also offered.  For more details about the benefit and the number of countries included, check out

#For $10, you can get 1000 minutes of talk time per month from the U.S. to Mexico for mobile and landlines, plus calls to landlines in over 50 countries. Calls to cell phones in China, Canada, India and other countries are also included. It is available with the $60 monthly and $50 monthly plans; limited to two packages in a 30 days’ time. For additional details about the benefit and the number of countries included, check out

AT&T GoPhone

You can use AT&T’s GoPhone as it is compatible with every device of AT&T. It does not have any EIPs or subsidies. AT&T’s GoPhone works on monthly and pay-as-you-go options. The monthly plan on GoPhone has the same features and benefit without any requirement of credit.

You can purchase a GoPhone SIM Card for $9.99. If you wish to buy it online, then it will cost you only $4.99. AT&T’s prepaid plan provides you a maximum of monthly data which is 2.5 GB (it is the minimal provision by any of the four largest cell phone carriers). The cost of this plan per month is $60. It includes unlimited talk and text in U.S., Canada and Mexico and 2.5 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data. AT&T allows iPhone 6 to be used with the prepaid plan.

You can also purchase other plans. $45 plan for 1.5 GB data or $55 for 1 GB data including calls to Canada and Mexico reduced to 1 cent per minute.

Verizon offers 3.5 GB of data for $65 (iPhone 6 not available). T-Mobile offers 3 GB of data for $60. Sprint offers unlimited data.

Learn more about AT&T GoPhone

AT&T Pay-as-You-Go Plans     

Per MinPer SMSPer MMSPer MBInternational SMS In/OutInternational MMS In/Out

AT&T Family Plans

AT&T offers family plans for multiple users in a home. AT&T rollover web data is shared among all the family members using a family plan. Mobile Share Advantage plan allows 10 lines at a maximum. Each additional line has a monthly access charge of $20. Rollover facility is provided.

For instance, you have 15 GB of web data in your family plan of 4 lines, out of which you use only 10 GB in one month. Then, the remaining 5 GB of web data will be rolled over to the next month to be used for all the four lines.

Check out AT&T family cell phone plans

Choose your data which is a special offer for limited time period:

Shared Data300 MB2 GB5 GB15 GB20 GB25 GB30 GB40 MB50 MB
Monthly Plan Charge$20$30$50$100$140$175$225$300$375


  • All the plans include Unlimited Talk and Text in the entire U.S.
  • All the plans above $100 include Unlimited Talk and Text to Mexico and Canada.
  • Overage is $20 per 300 MB plan and $15 per 1 GB on all other plans. It must be used in the billing period provided and does not rollover.

AT&T has plans on a monthly basis.  For offers lower than 10GB, AT&T charges a $25 per month access fee for Smartphone bought under their Next EIP. It charges $40 per month when your cell phone is bought subsidized with a two years contract.

AT&T Rollover Data Plan

Rollover data means that the amount of web data that is left out in a particular month is carry forwarded to the next month. You only need to have an AT&T mobile share value plan. According to an AT&T spokesperson, this rollover data feature is used by over 50 million users.

Rollover data expires after one month or with the change of plan. It is consumed after all other data allowances. AT&T rollover data ends after a single billing period. It is mentioned on AT&T website, “rollover data is always consumed last after you use other data allowances.”

For instance, you have 15 GB of web data in your family plan of 4 lines, out of which you use only 10 GB in one month. Then, the remaining 5 GB of web data will be rolled over to the next month to be used for all the four lines.

Comparison on Price by AT&T

1 GB or less$50 (1 GB)$40 (1 GB)N/AN/A
2-3 GB$60 (3 GB)$50 (3 GB)$50 (2 GB)$55 (2 GB)
4-6 GB$80 (6 GB)$65 (6 GB)$65 (6 GB)$70 (4 GB)
8-10 GB$100 (10 GB)N/A$80 (10 GB)$90 (8 GB)
12-15 GBN/A$80 (12 GB)N/AN/A
16-20 GB$110 (16 GB)N/AN/A$110 (16 GB)
22-25 GB$130 (25 GB)$100 (24 GB)N/A$130 (24 GB)
Unlimited$100 (must have DirecTV or U-verse)$60$75N/A

Comparison on Features by AT&T

Unlimited 2G DataYesYesYesOptional
Unlimited Video StreamingNoNoYesYes
Unlimited Music StreamingNoNoYesNo
Rollover DataYesNoYesYes


Unlimited 2G Data: AT&T slows down your 4G LTE high-speed data instead of charging you for the whole monthly allotment. For example, uploading 20 pictures would take about 15 minutes rather than one minute at 4G LTE high speed.

Video Streaming: Video streaming on AT&T utilizes your data of the plan. So, check your settings before streaming video. Streaming Standard Definition (SD) video for five hours in a month will use up 1 GB of data. Streaming High Definition (HD) video for five hours in a month will use up 4.5 GB of data. T-Mobile offers unlimited video streaming via different applications. Verizon offers unlimited video streaming via Go90 app.

Music Streaming: Music streaming on AT&T utilizes your data of the plan. Listening to tunes on your phone online will utilize the data plan. The same is applied for Sprint and Verizon.  Streaming the music for 1 hour per day uses 2 GB of data in a month. Only T-Mobile allows unlimited music streaming via Pandora, Google Music, Spotify and other applications.

Rollover Data: Rolling over of data to the next month is allowed on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Sprint does not allow rollover data feature. T-Mobile allows its users to keep the data for up to 12 months, unlike AT&T.

Is AT&T right for you?

When you compare T-Mobile and Sprint, AT&T is a much better option with respect to price. AT&T provides the very good network coverage, 4G LTE high-speed data and rollover data facility. If you require better network coverage, then an extra $10 per month will be charged.

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