Why does my iPhone keep restarting? How to Fix it?

Find out why does your iPhone keep restarting? Learn how to fix the iPhone restarting problem using the following easy steps.

You have bought a new iPhone from the market. It works awesome for some days but after that, it keeps randomly restarting on its own; not once or twice but multiple times in the day. This is when it’s the time to get your iPhone fixed. The first thing in our mind would be to reach out to the nearest Apple store for assistance.

Two common iPhone restarting issues observed are:

  1. iPhone restarts intermittently: Your iPhone restarts then works for a while and then it restarts on its own.
  2. iPhone restarts continuously: Your iPhone keep on restarting continuously in a loop with the Apple logo appearing and disappearing again and again.

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How to Fix iPhone Keep Restarting Issue

iphone keep restarting

Users can use the following troubleshooting steps to fix restarting issue:

  1. Back Up Your iPhone
    First and foremost backup your data which may be any of your important documents or pictures. If your iPhone has a hardware issue, then it is probable that data may be lost. So, it’s better to keep all the data safe.If you require helping backing up your iPhone, Apple’s support article has it all.
  2. Update Your iPhone’s Software (iOS)
    Sometimes the operating system of the iPhone gets outdated because of which it restarts. So, update your iPhone’s operating system which most of the time fixes and removes all the bugs.To check for any updates available, go to Settings; click on General; click on Software Update. If the update is available, install it.
  3. Turn ON/OFF Cellular data
    I know it sounds strange, but it had worked for some users. Turn OFF cellular data and then turn it ON. You can do so by going to Settings; click on Cellular/Mobile; click on Turn ON/OFF Mobile data.
  4. Determine the Faulty Application
    Apple store is highly protected but there are some apps which are not healthy for your iPhone. To check for the problematic app, go to Settings; click on Privacy; click on Diagnostics & Usage; click on Diagnostics & Usage Data.
    If you have downloaded a new app before this issue of restarting appeared, then immediately uninstall that app. Reboot your iPhone → Sync with iTunes and see if this sorts the issue.
  5. Reset All Settings
    Resetting is not a definite solution but certainly it resolves certain software glitches. Resetting the iPhone removes all the data, so backup is required to be done before attempting it. To reset the iPhone go to Settings; click on General; click on Reset; click on Reset All Settings to reset to factory default. You need to re-enter your Wi-Fi password after you turn it On while your apps remain safe.
  6. Remove Your SIM Card
    iPhone get stuck in restart loop if the SIM Card is not properly inserted in the SIM slot. Remove SIM and put it there again. If the issue is resolved then well and good otherwise don’t put SIM back; do the hard reset.
  7. Hard Reset
    To do a hard reset, hold the Power Button and Home Button together for 20 seconds until your iPhone screen goes blank and the Apple logo reappears.
  8. Download ReiBoot
    Run ReiBoot by connecting iPhone to the laptop via USB cable. Click Enter Recovery Mode; once done click on Exit Recovery Mode. Then, your iPhone will reboot to normal.
  9. Check for Hardware problem
    Sometimes, the battery needs to be replaced due to failure. Check the charging port if there is any debris stuck inside it or any signs of corrosion. Clean it using an unused brush.
  10. You may Need to Repair your iPhone
    If all these steps still didn’t work, then you need to take the patient to your local Apple Store to get it fixed.

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Hope you this article was helpful to your to fix your iPhone restarting issue.

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