Cheap & Best AT&T MVNO Plans & Price Compared

Are you looking for the best AT&T MVNO plans?

In this article, I have tried to list out the best single line wireless plans of AT&T MVNO so that you can choose your plan wisely.

One major reason to opt for AT&T MVNO is that it offers the best overall nationwide coverage maps per dollar. Other carriers like Verizon MVNO gives 4G data connection or even cheaper wireless phone plans, but when it comes to nationwide coverage, AT&T is top notch.

Which is the Best AT&T MVNO Plans?

Find the best and cheap AT&T MVNO plans below:

Wireless ProviderTalkTextDataPrice

Pure TalkUSA

Special Features:
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited1 GB$29.00

Consumer Cellular

Special Features: AARP Members save 5% off their monthly bill
Mobile Hotspot: No

40unlimited1.5 GB$30.00


Special Features: Unlimited international calling and texting to 11 countries, price includes purchase of $10 1GB data add on card
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited1.1 GB$30.00

Cricket Wireless

Special Features: LTE download speeds limited to 8 Mbps
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited2.5 GB$35.00

H2O Wireless

Special Features: price with autopay, unlimited talk and text to 50+ countries
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited3 GB$36.00

Red Pocket Mobile

Special Features: Up to 200 Minutes FREE International Long Distance (depending on destination)
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited1 GB$39.99

AT&T GoPhone

Special Features: Price with autopay $45 without, Rollover data, data lasts for one additional billing period, Unlimited messaging to over 100 countries
Mobile Hotspot: Yes

unlimitedunlimited3 GB$40.00

Jolt Mobile

Special Features: $1 international calling credit
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited1 GB$40.00

Straight Talk

Special Features: price with autopay for 3 months $45 without
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited5 GB$40.00


Special Features: price with autopay
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited5 GB$45.00


Special Features: International long distance unlimited Calling to 80+ countries
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited5GB (2.5GB high speed + 2.5 GB reduced)$50.00

Black Wireless

Special Features: Unlimited calls to 50+ countries with $10 international call credit
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited2 GB$50.00


Special Features: unlimited inbound international calling, 100 international minutes
Mobile Hotspot: No

unlimitedunlimited1.5 GB$50.00

Note: All providers listed allow you to bring your own device (BYOD), although some providers may have limited support for Blackberry devices.

at&t mvno plans

Switching to AT&T MVNO network is pretty easy as they operate on GSM based network. One can easily bring their own device to AT&T much easily than that to Verizon or Sprint.

I haven’t included any plans offering less than 1GB of data in the below cell phone plan comparison table. Also the below list is for single line user, if you are looking for family plans – check out our best AT&T MVNO Family Plans.

In most cases, unless your family member count is 4 or more it would be better to opt in for the below prepaid cell phones plans itself.

If you are looking for other MVNO list offering better connection and cheaper plans you need to have a look at the great Verizon MVNO plans, Sprint MVNO plans and T Mobile MVNO plans.

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