How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Issue?

Is your iPhone stuck in Headphone mode even when headphone is not plugged in? Ever encountered this iPhone issue?

In this article you will learn some solutions on how to fix your iPhone headphone stuck problem. You can always contact your nearest Apple store if you fail to fix yourself.

Why do you get iPhone headphone stuck issue?

It could probably because of junk stuck in your iPhone headphone jack which makes your phone behave as if headphone is connected. Most of the time cleaning the headphone jack could fix this problem.

We have listed out some methods you can follow to solve this.

iphone stuck in headphone mode

How to Fix iPhone stuck in Headphone Issue?

Well, both of us are pretty sure that the headphone is not plugged in the iPhone but how can we convince it of the same? Let’s find it out whether it’s a minor software glitch we are dealing with or stubborn hardware setback.

  1. The plug n play:
    However foolhardy it may sound, this option works well at times. Plug the headphones in and out a few times (nearly 8-10). Chances are it would end the problem.
  2. Restart/Reboot:
    The easiest way to know that there isn’t a software problem is to turn it off and on again. Press and hold the power button (Sleep / Wake button) and slide the button next to “slide to power off” across the screen. It might take longer than expected but that’s fine. Then, hold the power button until the Apple logo appears, and then let go.
  3. Play a song:
    Trying some unconventional methods may be God-sent methods in times of crisis. Play a song long enough to allow iPhone to lock completely. Now insert the headset jack. Unlock the iPhone and stop audio and then unplug the jack.
  4. Plug in the headphone in a locked state:
    Plug in the headset when the phone is locked. Hold the power button. When “slide to power off” bar appears to remove the headphones. Press the “cancel” at the bottom of the screen. Now check the sound.
  5. Connect to a Bluetooth system:
    Connect the iPhone to a speaker via Bluetooth. Play an audio and then switch back from speaker to the phone.
  6. Update the iOS:
    It may appear like the problem is a hardware one, but often, all one needs to do is update iOS, the simplest way being wireless update. Connect to a Wi-Fi network → Settings → General → Software update. Tap Download and Install.
  7. Reset all settings:
    After performing this step, the settings of your iPhone will reset to factory defaults, but your data won’t be erased. Go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings. Tap the button to confirm your action.
  8. Repair Options:
    This problem is especially annoying because most of the Apple stores will simply suggest buying a new phone. A lot of people simply decline, opting in its place to use a Bluetooth headset or speaker dock to make and receive phone calls, but it’s a major inconvenience nonetheless.

Actually, debris stuck inside your iPhone’s headphone jack isn’t covered under warranty, so repairing this simple problem can be very expensive. is a mail-in service that offers headphone jack repairs for several iPhone models for a lot less than Apple.

How to Clean iPhone Headphone Jack?

Clean the Headphone jack: Time to switch to the physical methods.

  1. The BIC Pen trick: Take a standard BIC-pen and remove tip with pliers to take it out of the plastic housing. The opposite end of the cartridge is of the perfect size to remove debris like rice and the like. Insert it gently and twist to loosen and then shake it out.
  2. Compressed Air: If something is stuck inside and it’s still not coming out, it can be blown out using a can of compressed air. One can also blow in it through the mouth but that’s not advisable as the moisture may harm the port.
  3. Tweezers: Using really very thin tweezers one can take out the debris stuck, but be careful as this is just like operation. You can easily harm the sides of the headphone jack if you push the tweezers too far.
    Before venturing out to this part, make a backup of the important data on the device as there’s a finite chance that the headphone jack is irreparably damaged.

So, the next time you use your iPhone doesn’t wrap the headphones around it or let the moisture seep in through the jack because the distress during the issue won’t be able to justify what happens to the phone in the end.

If you are facing other issues, you need to check our fix for the problems like iphone keeps restarting or iPhone turning off with battery remaining.

Hope our list of methods was helpful for you to solve your iPhone stuck in headphone issue. Please feel free to share this with your friends and let us know how you fixed your iPhone in the comments below.

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