Virgin Mobile APN Settings (USA) – Complete Setup Guide

Use the below Virgin Mobile apn settings USA for configuring internet or data connection and mms apn settings for sending mms for android, iPhone, iOS, blackberry or other unlocked phones. The same settings are been used to configure apn in smartphones like HTC, LG Optimus V, Samsung galaxy, EVo V etc.

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How to edit the Virgin Mobile APN Settings ?

  1. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> New APN.
  2. Enter the below parameters.
    • Name: Virgin Mobile US
    • APN: Sprint
    • Proxy: <not set>
    • Port: <not set>
    • User Name: Sprint
    • Password:*
    • Server: <not set>
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Port: 81
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 00
    • APN Type: default,supl,mms

Virgin Mobile apn settings usa

Tap Save to finish, then go back to the APN list and make sure the new APN (shown as “Virgin Mobile US”) which you just created is been is enabled. You have successfully added a new Virgin Mobile US apn settings, now try accessing the internet or sending a mms.

If you still find it not working try rebooting your phone (long-press the power button, select Power off; after phone shuts down, long-press the power button until it restarts) and check again.

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