iPhone 6 is going to have a flexible display?

Is iPhone 6 is going to have a flexible display?

Well, that’s what we believe from the recent reports, pictures and activities from Apple, like the Apple job posting from early 2013 showed the company looking for someone with experience in flexible display technology.

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After the release of iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple fans are all excited about the iPhone 6. We are expecting iPhone 6 to be coming on 2014 and its been reported that it will be having larger screen, possibly jumping up to 4.8-inches in size according to one report. Apple is planning on an iPhone that’s also capable of unfolding into much more.

iPhone 6 flexible screen

An iPhone 6 with a bigger screen wouldn’t really matter if this iPhone 6 concept came to life as it could unfold to deliver a bigger screen whenever you needed it and fold back up to the small iPhone size many users know and love.

Check out the below iPhone 6 concept that unfolds to deliver a larger screen.

iphone 6 concept animated


Everyone is now focusing for a flexible display and we believe by 2014 we will be seeing these flexible display phones more common. However now it could be really expensive to get a flexible display but we have seen many advances in this field recently and soon it will be much more cheaper.

An iPhone 6 that folds out into an iPad sounds crazy, but companies are actually working on this technology.

With this design we see one camera that handles taking photos and also swivels around to perform video call duties, saving space inside the device. Full edge speakers allow for good sound no matter which mode the user is currently using. The whole concept seems really innovative and impressive, however we cannot yet confirm whether we will be lucky to have it.

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