6 Things to consider before you buy a new iPhone!

So are you excited to get Apple’s new smartphone, iPhone 5C or 5S models? There has been a lot of hype and expectation regarding the new iPhone from Apple, the new iPhone features are mostly associated with the iOS 7 update, except for the A7 processing chip and fingerprint recognition, which however only comes with the iPhone 5S.

6 Things to Consider before you buy a new iPhone.

1. iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C – Which one to buy ?
Apple has released two simultaneously, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The 5S is the more expensive one and comes with a lot of features like the A7 processing chip and fingerprint recognition and has a metal covering. While the iPhone 5C is considered to be the cheap or low cost iPhone which is plastic and comes in different colors. So decide which one you wish to have.  Read more about :  Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone 5C Specs and Price

2. Can I get an upgrade?
You need to consider this importantly because if your next upgrade is not for several months, or a year, it might be worthwhile to wait for Apple to come out with an iPhone 6. If you are eligible for an upgrade now, the iPhone 5C will cost you $99 for a 16GB model and $199 for a 5S model of the same capacity. Without a contract, you would have to pay about $650 for a 16GB 5S.

3. What can I do with my old phone?

So what can you make of your old phone? Well, you can trade it and save some money for you new buy. Apple stores nationwide launched their own trade-in program for old iPhones. If you already have an iPhone and are eligible for an upgrade, this is extremely worthwhile because the Apple store, or the other retailers offering trade-ins, can potentially give you enough to cover the cost of the new one. If you do not have an iPhone and want to trade in your Blackberry, Android or Windows phone for the 5S or 5C, fear not, because many retailers who will take old iPhones will also take other ones too, just be sure not to try to get an Apple store to take your old Samsung Galaxy. :P


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4. What’s so special about the new iPhone?
This is indeed a big question you need to consider before you purchase a new iPhone. When we make a comparison with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S/5C actually has the same photo/video camera capabilities as the 4S does (8-megapixels and 1080p video). It also got a half-an-inch bigger screen than the 4S and is slightly lighter. However the main difference comes with the memory and speed, iPhone 5C is equipped with an A6 processor and the 5S has an A7, with 64-bit architecture and fingerprint reader on the home button that can unlock your phone and make purchases in iTunes and the App Store. So if you are already satisfied the speed and camera of your 4S, we think it would be better to wait for the iPhone 6.

5. Upgrade to iOS 7?
The new Apple iOS 7 is expected to provide a better battery life, faster processing and also some cool software additions. Apple is also launching its iRadio program, similar to Pandora, with iOS 7 and is also bringing iPhoto and iMovie to the iPhone. Now this is not just for iPhone 5S, even if you have an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, you will be eligible for iOS 7.

6. I want to switch from Blackberry/Android/Windows phone to an iPhone?
This is not as painful as you might think and is just a matter of preference. If you ditch your Blackberry/Android/Windows phone for an iPhone, you can always go back at the end of your contract or trade it back in after 30 days, which is the usual return policy.

I hope this was useful for you and good luck with your new iPhone.

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