NYC MTA Bus Time App tracks real-time location of MTA buses.

If you use public transportation in forms of the MTA bus then definitely this app is must for you. NYC MTA Bus Time App an application that uses GPS hardware and wireless communications technology to keep track real- time location of buses. This app comes real handy and save you from waiting for bus and wondering when will the next MTA Bus Time.

3 Easy ways to use MTA Bus Time App?

The first way is by scanning. You make use of the mobile phone device to search scan the QR code at your bus stop. After scanning you will be directed to open a browser  and you will be able to see how close the next bus is to your stop.

Texting is the next method to use MTA Bus Time app. By using your bus stop’s code or intersection, you can find out how many stops away the bus may be. You send the text to 511123 before you arrive at your bus stop.

MTA Bus Time App

Finally, with your pc or mobile, you can just click on the map. The map will locate buses along the route. It’s also possible to use the search tool and type in intersections, bus stop codes or perhaps zoom in on the map to find buses in real-time. When you get a bus near you, you can just click on it.

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