5 Funny Pictures about iPhone 5 which will make even Apple fan’s laugh

Since Apple launched the iPhone 5, there seems to be a lot of funny troll pictures spreading over the internet. I have collected a few of them which felt quite funny. (No hard feelings, Apple fan boy’s but some of the pictures are so hilarious that I’m sure, even you will have a good laugh :D) Apple is indeed trying to bring up new innovation, however most of them are not yet been a good one (or so most people say). Let’s hope it gets better with the new iPhones. Anyway enjoy the pictures.

Funny Pictures  about iPhone 5

1. New Apple iPhone 5S/5C Problems

New Apple iPhone 5S/5C Problems


2. iPhone Screen does matters.
iPhone Screen does matter

3. Funny iphone upgrade

funny iphone upgrade


4. iPhone 4 vS iPhone 5 (get the full picture :p)

iPhone 4s vs iphone 5

5. So what iPhone has got? An extra row of icons.

what iPhone has got


That’s it for now. There a few more pictures out there. You can google it out. I hope you enjoyed these. Please do like and share it with your friends.

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