How to Locate or Find My Verizon Phone ?

How can I find my verizon phone?
If your Verizon phone or tablet is lost, then there is a method using which you can recover it. This recovery method allows one to locate it using a map. You can even call it or erase all the data on it.

Before we go further, first of all select the operating system of your device and know its prime features.

Follow the below steps to find your phone on verizon network based on your phone operating system.

  • Android
  • Apple
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows

How to Locate & Find Basic Verizon Phones

Sign up for Family Locator and add it to your basic phone. In case you have already lost your basic phone then, there is no way we can track it down. However, you can sign in to My Verizon to know whether the phone was in service. If it was, then the last call location after it was lost can be triangulated (provided it’s used!). After that, suspend your phone service and activate another one for use.

To know more, check out our Family Locator FAQs and Suspend Service FAQs.

NOTE: If your device is lost and you have its insurance then contact your insurance company to replace it. Sign into My Verizon; click on “Products & Apps” page; click “Manage Your Products” to inspect about your device insurance. If you don’t have insurance, then kindly click on the page titled as “Device Replacement Program” for other options.

find my verizon phone

Locate & Find Your Verizon Android Phone

Android Device Manager: Open Google Support to learn about Android Device Manager.

Following can be learned about it:
– Turn Device Manager on or off
– Find your phone using Android Device Manager by viewing it on a map
– Remotely lock, ring or erase a lost phone

Verizon Support & Protection:
To ring, lock or erase your phone, get the Premium version of this app that comes with Total Mobile Protection. To get Total Mobile Protection, add it within 30 days of upgrading or purchasing a new device from the “Products & Apps” page in My Verizon.

For user guide, visit our Verizon Support & Protection.

Locate & Find Your Verizon iPhone

Find My iPhone
Visit Apple’s website to learn how to set up Find my iPhone so that you can locate your Apple device on a map, lock it, erase it or ring it. Turn on this feature individually from each and every Apple device you have. This feature also includes Find My iPhone Activation Lock which will prevent someone other than you to use or sell it. To know more about it, visit Apple’s website.

Applications of Find My iPhone are as follows:

– Locate your phone on a map: If the GPS/location services are turned on then the current location of the device can be tracked using a map. However, if the location services are turned off, then the last known location of the device will be reflected after triangulation.

– Play a sound on your iPhone.
– Use Lost Mode to track and lock your iPhone
– Erase your iPhone

Verizon Support & Protection:
Free basic version of this application allows you to track the last known location of the device. Refer to Verizon Support & Protection How to Use Guide to learn more about it.

Locate & Find Your Verizon Blackberry Phone

BlackBerry Protect: To view your phone on a map, make it ring, lock it or erase it, learn about BlackBerry Protect. First of all, set this feature on your phone to use it; the guidelines are available on BlackBerry’s website.

Applications of BlackBerry Protect are applied for:

  • BlackBerry 10 OS
  • BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier

Locate & Find Your Verizon Windows Phone

Find My Phone:
To know how to locate your device on a map, make it ring or lock or erase it, learn to use Find My Phone from Windows Support website. Change phone’s settings to save its location every few hours which will help in tracking down the device if its battery is dead, offline or out of range. Following devices allows this feature to run from Windows Support website:

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7
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