How to configure Straight Talk APN Settings for BYOP ?

If you’re using Straight Talk’s BYOP sim card and is your internet or MMS stopped working? Well, then you would have been probably transitioned to new apn settings of Straight Talk. After renewing the service, many users seems to have faced this problem. You can overcome this by adding a new Straight Talk APN Settings for BYOP phone.

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Did you know why you get to see tfw in status bar?

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New Straight Talk APN Settings

Use the below Straight talk apn settings to configure your data/MMS profile for Android and iPhone.

  • Name: Straight Talk
  • APN: tfdata
  • Port: 80
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 80

I would recommend you to create new apn settings rather than editing your existing settings. So that you get two apn settings and can easily switch between them. There is also another working starttalk byop apn setting for GSM phones which is listed below.

Got an iPhone 6? Learn how to setup Straight talk apn settings for iPhone 6.

There is also another working starttalk byop apn setting for GSM phones which is listed below.

Straight Talk APN Settings for GSM phones

Use the below settings for Straight talk apn settings for GSM phones.

  • Name: straight talk
  • APN: att.mvno
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 80

How to configure Straight Talk APN Settings for BYOP ?

If the above settings didn’t work for you then you could also directly ask Straight Talk to send you the new apn settings. Go to: and provide your phone number or last 15 digits of SIM card and your phone model. You will receive the settings which are required for your specific phone.

By the after receiving the settings or making the new apn settings make sure that you select that as your default apn settings so that your phone use that apn setting to connect to the internet. :)

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  1. Are the people at straight talk stupid!!!!….now really in less then a year I have gone through 3 phones I started with the 180.00 dollar phone which just stopped then they sent me another one well….the same thing the 3g crapps out, might I say it was never dropped or ever touched water then get this they send me a 20 dollar USED piece of crap which did not work from day 1..but wait there is more….3 days after getting the junk phone back my phone was turned off,, why cuz I just paid my bill??? well they told me my credit card paid for some one else .oh were sorry……..and they also programed the wrong number on it so….I could call out but,,,no one could call me…no im just fed up with this treatment so I go buy a new phone unlocked never used gms and cdma dual sim ready….I am now on day 11 trying to get this phone on …this BYOP bull has 5 different plans in it I am now with plan 4 ,,,at&t and al tel do not work in this town I have told them this….so straight talk dude tells me he is transfuring me to the refund department ,,other dude there tells me WHAT! we have no refund dept….fricken lyers there need to get it to gether then he tells me go back to walmart for my refund,,,manager there tells me they cant she even got on the phone with then told them you told her to buy this here and it DOES NOT WORK HERE!!!….WANNA HEAR THIS…..dude there tells me lets try one more sim that was in the pack….I must be a s**k*r……nothing happened ,,,,he tells me it could be 1 hour to 24 hours,,,before it will work,,,,,,,,and what really s**ks …during this time my step mother passed away and I could not be reached……STRAIGHT TALK S**KS!!!!!!!!!……I bought a Cubot P9 any one have any in put who I can use?

    • Virgin mobile works on Verizon towers, and is a good price. Straighttalk can run on Verizon or ATT, depending on your phone.. But the customer service at Straighttalk SUCKS!! 5 hours and 3 days to get my last BYOPhone turned on,, Service is awesome, price is the best around,, but the customer service is overseas, and it just SUCKS!! I have my whole family on Straight talk… You can BYOPhone to Net 10, and they are good also.. try calling them.

    • Actually, Virgin Mobile runs on Sprint’s towers. I used to use them (up until I started using ST last Feb) , and my wife still does.

    • I’m about ready to sue the sc****g bunch at Straight Talk, after having my service shut down on Father’s Days my paid up HotSpot…I spent 84 hours on the line with their assorted just off the boat from Cuba illegals, have purchased 11 of their phones (how do Samsung and Huawei manage to ship them all this sh*ct that dies in a month? Supposedly good manufacturers…) not to mention a 7″ and 2 5″ phablets that were brand new, and they managed to screw all 3 up with their for-sh*t software. I’m disabled, live far out rural, and must have a dependable phone. If some one gets injured or dies because of their lying ads, screw the courts- I’l stgart with the CEO and see how many of the cockroaches I take out. True justice would be they couldn’t call 911!!!

    • ok this is what u need to do if you haven’t I did the same thing I bought a gs5 active and I had to just activate the sim card they will tell u that your phone isent unlocked just give them the sim card s/n and it will work all you half to do is set up the apn on it
      I prommis it will work

    • I have the droid RAZR new one whatever it is my APN does not allow me to edit anything butt the name how do I get around this.

  2. Straight Talk -TMobile, APN settings for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (VZW) as of 5 March 2014

    Name: StraightTalk T-Mobile <–Doesn't matter
    apn: wap.tracfone
    port: 8080
    username not set
    password not set
    server not set
    multimedia message proxy:
    mms port: 8080
    mcc: 310
    mnc: 260
    authentication type not set
    apn type: default,supl,mms
    apn protocol: ipv4/ipv6
    Turn APN on/off: APN turned on
    bearer unspecified
    –all else at default
    –hit back button to return to "APNs" screen
    –Select the newly created APN
    –Restart / reboot the phone
    –Wait for all warning icons to go away
    –Perform tests. Send out / Receive MMS and browse the web
    –Ensure Wi-Fi is off for proper test of web browsing
    Just got it working so I don't have long term use results to share atm.
    Yes, I bought the STBYOP pack for CMDA phones. No luck with instructions from the box. Went to the website, enter cell IMEI and whatever else it asked for. Response = Your phone is not supported. #BullS!#T GN2 = Unlocked World phone
    Went back to the kit, found T-Moble sim, trimmed/cutoff the excess plastic. Easy enough with Swiss Army knife.
    Replaced VZW sim with T-Mobile sim. Reboot. Waited a little for network activation and synch.
    !!Had to get around my Avast Anti-Theft software. Unlock / Found the phone the Trust new sim.
    !!Google how to get rid of "Non Verizon Sim found" icon in notification area.
    BAM! Up n running. No thanks to STBYOP customer support. Don't even think to get help from them. They will not think out-the-box to help you get right.
    Big Up!!!

    • @Triniman06
      Thank you for sharing the info step by step. We will update the post as per your info as well.
      Thanks. :)

    • I did the settings for Straight Talk
      Name Straight Talk
      APN tfdata
      Port 80
      MMSC http://
      MMS Proxy
      MMS Port 80

      They worked perfectly thank you, what is funny but not surprising is that Straight Talk told me I couldn’t do it without buying a new card set up for my new phone. I am using a new BLU Win HD 5″ quad core and it is working great after I set it up myself. I knew I couldn’t count on Straight Talk to know anything but I figured the old college try and had to laugh at them saying I couldn’t do it. Terrible company they are, if it wasn’t wasn’t for cheap service using a pretty reliable ATT tower network I would be long moved on to another carrier.

    • Hi I just got a sim card from straight talk. I have a samsung galax Note 2. Are these the settings I should use because I am getting no help from Straight talk. H E L P please.

    • I Need HELP!!! my wife has a pantech p6020 and half of the apn settings are non existent in the phone!!! no setting for apn type, no setting for mcc, no setting for mnc, no server setting— WHERE DO I FIND THESE AT?

  3. I just transfer to straight talk i have a t mobile samsung galaxy exhibit 4g with a att sim card i am unable to recieve pic message i have tried several apn i am pleased with everything else need help

    • name… STRAIGHT_TALK
      APN… wap.tracefone
      proxy… not set
      Port …. 8080
      Username… not set
      Password… not set
      Server…. not set
      MMS proxy… wap.tracefone
      MMS Port… 8080
      MMS prot… WAP 2.0
      MCC… 310
      MNC… 260
      Auth type…. not set
      APN type…. default,supl,mms
      APN protocol IPv4

    • Me too. A lot of other people are having the same problem. I have a LG G2 on straight talk. LG says the problem. Dont exist. ATT says is a software error and cannot be fixed….

    • @Josh, i have the lg g2 and i called lg and they said that im to send the phone back and they will take care of it or send me a refurbished one. I also am on straight talk, they told me they could do nothing.

  4. I bought an unlocked HTC ONE. Straight talk said any unlocked phone would work. It works great other than not being able to send or receive mms. Tried every apn configuration possible and nothing works. straight talk use to be great now they don’t act like they want to help. I don’t want to have to buy one of their phones cause the last time I did they set it up for sprint towers instead of at&t. if anyone can help that would be awesome.

  5. I had a problem with st receiving mms. One day spent an hour and a half with customer service and they said I would have to calk back tomorrow! Called back the next day and spent over an hour on the phone and they finally said there was nothing else they could do disappointed I asked to talk to a manager and he said that there wasn’t anything else they could do I told him that st website said my phone was compatible and he said it was, I said how can you say that I’m not getting my mms! He said the phone calls work, text work and the internet works and I said how can you say text works when I can get mms. He said well it says not all services may not be available! I voiced that I was upset because I ported my number and canceled my service with AT&T. They have me 15 more days of service but I said that still didn’t make up for the loss of service
    . After doing some research I found and app called handcent and downloaded it and my mms now works so I thought if I deleted it, my mms would still work but it didn’t so I downloaded it again and it works again, don’t know why or how but it does!

  6. Good post. I was examining continuously this specific website and i am encouraged! Useful data specially the shutting aspect :) I care for such information a lot. I had been in search of this specific a number of data to get a quite a while. Thank you so much and also associated with luck.

    • Phone cant b locked n contract or suspended contract or you have to get the service or phone straightened out through the original carrier.. then you gotta go to Walmart and buy the ST SIM kit for $65 then you gotta call straight talk and activate the AT&T sim card then put it in your phonethen you go to your settings, more settings switch your network mode to GSM & then create the APN restart ur phone n it works but it only has edge data which is bout 2g speed bcuz its a Verizon phone..

  7. I have spent several hours over several days on the phone with Straight Talk regarding my Verizon LG G2. I have gotten “it will work, it won’t work, it will with SIM card for AT&T,” ordered the SIM card from them and my phone said the SIM card was from an unknown source so they said my phone must be locked. All verizon phones as of last year are unlocked. So I decided that I must have damaged the SIM card somehow (by touching the gold part with my fingers) and called today to order a new one. I was told by that tech that under no circumstances will my phone work with Straight Talk. Then the guy I bought the phone from said it won’t work with 4G LTE, which is what my phone is, but would work if the setting were set for 3G. I am hoping that someone out there can tell me what I need to do and what I need to say to get S.T.’s cooperation. I am so frustrated and ready to scream. HELP! Also, that guy is sending me his old SIM card so I can change the setting’s. He had set the phone back to factory settings and until I get a working SIM card, I can do nothing with the phone at all.

    • It does work on at&t but only as 3g. to bypass the setup screen with the sim error you need to push
      vol up
      vol down
      and then accept the message box that pops up.

  8. Hi I am having trouble with my windows phone getting mms pic messages through straight talk. The phone I have is Nokia Lumia 520, anyone have any help please dont hesitate to offer. I can do everything but get pic messages.I have even sent some pics messages, and they sent. I checked with my kids whom received them. but I cant get any of theirs sent to me, its says retrieving data and never picks it up. I feel like my apn settings are wrong. ST gave me tracfone settings but my phone is an unlocked gsm phone and it had att prewired on phone. help. the whole reason I bought this phone is so I could send my children pics of their little brother. not good if I cant do it..any help is greatly appreciated or if someone can give me a website that will help. Thanks :)

  9. I have a Blu Life One and cant seem to send nor receive picture messaging. I am having trouble figuring out how it worked on my htc inspire but no longer works on my new phone and straight talk is telling me to wait 24 hours and it will work and that is a lie its been 3 weeks. They also said there is maintenance problems being worked on in the are but will be done in a few hours. Lies they are all lies. If anyone can help me figure out the apn I need, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • I have a BLU STUDIO 5.5 can not get 3G or send MMS messages…tried all settings suggested….nothing works. I got the AT&T kit…..good bars for calls but no 3G is useless

  10. Im having problems with my HTC1X ive tried all the codes listed on this page and none seem to work, can anyone give me a clue to what i should do? I just got the phone changed over to straight talk yesterday and that was a hassle enough, but what am i doing wrong here, there is one series of codes listed in the replies that someone posted for the HTC and my phone wont let me save it in my APN list. Any advise would be helpful. Thankxxx

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and can receive MMS but not download them. I have changed my APN and still no luck. I attempted to use the 1st/2nd one and my phone will not allow me to save the APN…I am beyond frustrated…PLEASE HELP!!! :(

  12. Have a galaxy s4 that I had on attending contract. Four months ago switched to ST. 72 hrs of pain in my a $$ and all functions started working. Two days ago my phone did some update and my mom’s isn’t working. I uninstallaed what updates I could find!

  13. Need help with my new Sony Xperia SP C5306. I have what they call 3.5 g speed, but not pure LTE. Right now, I get an “H+” above my data symbol using the settings provided. My phone is LTE capable but still not receiving pure LTE and I know others have itworking in my area, any other suggestions from fellow Sony Xperia SP users?

  14. I purchased a 4g micro sim card from walmart and tried to activate it to my unlocked galaxy s3 lte atnt and i can’t even use data or make or receive calls. Do I really have to wait 24 hours :-\

  15. I bought a Nokia Lumia 1020 and haven’t been able to open pictures attached to text messages and spent hours of torture trying to figure out what the h their customer service people were saying – the low volume of the customr service lines were so faint it was unbelievable. Would love to hear from other Noika owners who might have figured out correct apn settngs for this phone.

    I live in a rural area and am also mystified that, althogh the Nokia is a TMobile/AT&T phone, that my mobile network options when searched at home are Verizon 2G and AT&T 4TE (although it says no coverage when I try to connect to AT&T). Also had not paid attention to what network I was using when trying to attach pics when messaging and not at home but now realize that 2G network does not transmit MMS.

  16. I’m trying to hook up my galaxy 4. I need to transfer my Straight Talk service from my blackberry to my galaxy s4. how am I supposed to do this?

  17. I recently picked up a better phone then the cheap ZTE Merit that Straight Talk offered. Unlocked the new phone and put in my sim card. Couldn’t get it to send/receive any data outside of my own personal Wi-Fi.

    The settings above just fixed that issue, as soon as I set the VPN it immediately picked up 3G. I reset the phone regardless and it is all working the way it should. Thanks!

  18. So after 3 days and hours on the phone with Straight talk…I figured it out all myself. Ive used multiple variants of settings, mixing settings etc. Best I could get was 2mb DL and .5 UL, but with these settings I have 6mb DL and UL! everything is case sensitive.

    APN: tfdata
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    APN type: default,mms,supl

    these are my settings using my ATT Samsung Galaxy S4, on Android Kit Kat 4.4.2, straight talk service.

    • Went to Walmart to do the BYOP, I have a LGG3 LTE 4g. After 1 1/2 hours there they told me, after I paid for everything, that my phone was not compatable with straight talk. I said screw it, went home, and got it to work on the ATT sim card. Well of course after 3 days of messing around with the phone, 3 new apns, I followed this for my settings, and I now have internet connection. My phone still has a ? for but its working for now. This company is crap, but what do you expect when you call 3 times, get 3 different answers, and do it yourself in the end because you are talking to someone who can hardly speak english, let alone how to solve your issues.

  19. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was originally on Verizon. I have been on straight talk service since January and I have been having mobile data problems for about a month now. I never use my mobile data because I am almost always near wifi between work and home, so I know that they have not tethered my useage. I keep getting a message that says “currently unable to download, try again later” when I attempt to open an mms message. I need help fixing this. I have updated the APN settings and used everything that I can find to help. I have no idea what else to do and I need any help I can get.

  20. Hey I have a Moto G and can’t get data. I waited for my billing cycle to renew but still nothing. what are the apn settings for this type of phone?

    • You can follow the same steps to manually configure your internet settings. The apn settings are the same.

  21. I have HTC Inspire and I need the apn settings so I can send and receive text messages. I got the setting to get Internet. But now I can not get pictures. Will some one help me.

  22. I have a pantech flex worked amazing with att-tmobile prepaid but switched to ST for price. I have spent days on the phone with them and trying apn settings I’ve found online but can not get an internet connection. It worked twice in four days took 6-7 minutes to load and immediately lost again. My husband has a cheaper Droid and it works fine so it can’t be location. Can someone plz plz help? I can’t find anything online that has helped at all. I’m really desperate !

  23. Anyone know the APN Setting for an HTC One M7 with straightalk. I can’t receive or send MMS. I can’t even text to non-9 digit phone numbers. ex: 611611 (for data usage) or STOP to consumer texts. HELP!!

  24. I have a Sprint LG G2 and was wondering if this would work on Straight Talk? if I would need to change any APN settings? Which SIM would I have to buy to make my service work?

  25. Gd mrn. I have the s note 2 and I hv tried wll settings listed above. However, I can send mms messages, but cannot receive mms messages. My mobile data us on. And talking to straigh talk customer service is like finding a needle in the dark. Please help. I can also send and receive sms too. That works perfectly. Thanking u in advance.

  26. I upgraded from a zte merit to a Samsung g3. My merit talked on ATT towers which are close to my house but the g3 doesn’t. I purchased ATT SIM cards to put into the g3 and the paperwork said to contact Straight talk about changing settings. After 110 minutes and asking for a supervisor, I was told this wouldn’t work. it seemed like the answer to poor reception problems. Any thoughts?

  27. I I have Samsung Galaxy note 2 that is AT&t and use Straight talk. just swithced to this phone and got an AT&T card from straight talk for it. I cannot send pics or receive them now. it says no network connection. no signal found for mobile networks. please any suggestions? I have tried several APN settings already.

  28. I have an iPhone 5c and switched to straighttalk. Was having problems and customer service told me to download a profile and now it doesn’t work. Im using the tmobile sim. Please help

  29. I recently bought a sony xperia. WHen I put the new sim card I bought from walmart it said it was locked. and when I talked to customer service they said that error msg will go away once the transfer in complete…but it didn’t, now what?

  30. I have a Samsung galaxy rugby pro canot receive text but got 4g internet and can get text just cant send have spent 3days on phone with customer service they say all of texas is having same problem but ive had this number for over year now and my buddies phone just like mine hasnt all sudden started dokng ghis any ideas od new apn/mms/sms setting thank you

  31. We should all just stop buying ST until they get these problems fixed. I lost all my minutes and money and I still can’t get a call through. Although according to ST my phone is compatible. uhm!

  32. I have a blue studio 5.5 d610a android phone with a T-Mobile sim card need straight talk APN for this thing to work properly customer service keep giving me the wrong ones can anyone help please

  33. I need to get my picture messing to working mms I guess I’m with straight talk and I have a Samsung galaxy mega but can not send a picture …. please help me

  34. I have purchased the Iphone 6 plus and I have a tmobile sim card. I updated to the ios 8 now I have no APN settings. Straight talk sent me the information to correct the issue did not work tried to manually enter it, but I do not have the setting PORT.

  35. hi I recently got a kyrocera hydro from a friend I tried setting it up with straight talk …no service and also the phone kept telling me there was no sim …but there was. can any one offer some trouble shooting ideas…thanx

  36. Triniman06: Spot on! I had issues sending MMS only on my T-Mobile Galaxy S4. Your APN settings not only worked but improved my LTE connection. Many thanks!

  37. I have a droid turbo 2 and have seen other posts that it works perfect on straight talk. However I can’t seem to send pics in a message. I spent 3 hours on the phone with customer service and ended up loosing all my contacts and pics. Can someone PLEASE help me in setting it up so I can send pics. I know others can just not sure how they did it. I’ve changed my APN settings many times. I’m using an att straight talk SIM card.

  38. Here is a heads up that the following APN settings are working on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 model SM-G920R4 which has an OEM ROM branded to US Cellular and is now being used with Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Tested these settings voice and data, 4G internet as well as sending and receiving text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS).
    Name: Verizon Wireless
    Proxy: Not set
    Port: Not set
    Username: Not set
    Password: Not set
    Server: Not set
    MMSC: http : // < remove spaces
    Multimedia message proxy: Not set
    Multimedia message port: Not set
    MCC: 311
    MNC: 480
    Authentication type: Not set
    APN type: default,dun,mms,supl < no spaces
    APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    Turn APN on/off: APN turned on
    Bearer: Unspecified
    Mobile virtual network operator type: None
    Mobile virtual network operator value: Not Set


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