How to Setup Net10 iPhone APN Settings for Internet?

If you are using Net10 iPhone, then to use internet you need to configure the Net10 iPhone apn settings. Here I’m gonna tell you how to do it. Before getting started make sure that you need to have a WiFi connection to connect to internet as we require to download the Carrier APN Profile from online.

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How to setup Net10 iPhone APN Settings for Internet?

Net10 iPhone APN Settings

  1. With the Wifi connection on, open your Safari browser and go to :
  2. Tap Create APN
  3. Tap Country:  United States.  
  4. Tap Carrier: Net10 (wap.tracfone).  
  5. Tap OK
  6. Note: if Net10 (wap.tracfone) doesn’t work. You will have to try each other Net 10 option in the list until you find one that works.
    Net 10 (wap.tracfone)
    Net 10 (tfdata)
    Net 10 (iPhone)
    Net 10 (att.mvno)
    Net 10 (AT&T)
    Net 10 (T-Mobile)
  7. Tap Create APN
  8. Tap Install. Tap Install Now.
  9. Tap Done.
  10. Now Safari reopens and after installation, restart your phone.(Make sure you fully power down and not simply make it to sleep mode)
  11. After restarting your phone, Tap Settings->Wi-Fi->Off to turn off the Wifi.
  12. Open Safari, load a web page. Try opening a few websites.

If website loads, then congratulations, you have successfully setup Net10 iPhone APN Settings for Internet.

However if it doesn’t work, then try choosing another Net10 profile (other than Net10 (wap.tracfone)) option from the list which we found earlier. You will have to try each of the option until you find the one which works for you.

But before you proceed to try another option. You will have to remove the current APN Carrier Setting. To do it follow the below steps.
Tap Settings->General->Profile. Tap Remove. Tap Remove Now
Now its removed and you can try with another Carrier APN Profile.

Good luck. :)
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7 thoughts on “How to Setup Net10 iPhone APN Settings for Internet?”

  1. Oh my goodness!! It worked, thank you so much. After repeatedly calling net10’s customer service trying to fix this issue and being completely frustrated, I was fed up with the fact that I could not understand a word they were saying. Thanks for posting clear and accurate instructions, you’re a lifesaver :))

  2. thanks so much for this it worked. i spent hrs this morning trying to get my damn net10 internet working this should be on top of their iphone programming guide thank you so much.

    • Awesome!
      We made buzzmobile especially to help people fix the apn settings related problems for different mobile network carriers. Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

  3. Thank you so much. Rec’d iPhone from my brother, bought the appropriate sim to use it with my Net 10 account, have spent at least 4-5 hrs over 3 phone calls and two 45 minute chat sessions trying to get the internet to work and sustain via cellular. WiFi worked fine. Obviously, they kept giving me the wrong carrier entry. Finally, in desperation started googling solutions. I was afraid instructions would be too difficult & technical for me to understand, but they were easy to follow. Lucky me, the first carrier entry I tried solved the problem. I bookmarked you in case the problem reoccurs or someone else has similar dilemma. You’ve turned this into a great day!


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