What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy Series phones in 2014?

Samsung has started planning for technological innovation, using YOUM flexible screen display, selection of MediaTek and Exynos processors among upcoming android devices. They have also invested around $4 million on wireless charging technology which we is expected to be in all upcoming samsung series phones.

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The flexible screen is considered unique and top-notch innovation to be expected from Samsung in 2014 or even earlier. Based on reliable sources, the smartphone featuring YOUM flexible display will probably include a 4.7 inches of screen display with 720p resolution, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear shooting camera with dual LED flash.Samsung might also proabably going to recycle older smartphone models with modifications of flexible screen display rather than bringing it up with better hardware. These specs looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, except for the RAM – the Galaxy S3 used 1GB of RAM. Another difference would be processor which could be newer like the Snapdragon 800 and may possibly feature 4G LTE, depending on Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Series phones in 2014

MediaTek processors are going to be more popular among the samsung low-end and mid-range devices due to its affordable cost with quality performance. Samsung plans to use MediaTek processors in addition to Qualcomm’s. Samsung Exynos processors are sticking among their flagship smart phones and tablets labelled as international variants. Qualcomm processor chips may remain included to products designed for the United States.

Samsung announced an investment of $4 million for PowerbyProxi’s board on the wireless power industry. PowerbyProxi focuses on consumer electronics and industrial application which will help Samsung to work closely with the company, an active member of the Wireless Power Consortium or WPC. Some flagship devices from Samsung are enabled to use wireless charging such as Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

Well, so far this is all the scoop we have but definitely its going to get more updates and we expect more innovative technologies coming from Samsung.

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