Verizon Google Voice MMS is working!

Google has expanded its MMS support to nearly 100 North American carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Initially, it used to be like MMS messages sent to Google Voice numbers would disappear without even a warning that they were not received.
But with the help of the network carriers cooperation, Google has able to fix this issue .
However this was still not available in Verizon. As of now people have come up with many Google Voice MMS Verizon workaround. Anyhow the good news is that now there is no need of any workaround.Verizon now supports Google voice MMS support.

verizon google voice mms


Google Voice users will now see MMS messages sent by Verizon Wireless numbers. The photos show up inline as they would on any ordinary MMS-to-MMS connection. However Google Voice users can send photos to Verizon users and Verizon users will see it as a link to a photo only.

Some of the verizon users have already confirmed that they have been able to get MMS messages in their verizon phones for the last few days.

You can also check it out, by sending a picture or voice message to your Google Voice number. :)

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