Verizon Backup Assistant – Everything You Need to Know!

What is Verizon Backup Assistant Service?

Verizon Backup Assistant is a wireless backup service provided by Verizon Wireless. It saves the address book of the phone to the website’s servers in a secure location. You can use the backup service to restore your contacts to another phone, in the case of any misfortune like your phone getting lost or broken.

Backups can be scheduled daily or as per your convenience. By logging in to your web account, you can view, print, add, delete and edit contacts. The changes made there can be reflected back to the phone in a click.

Verizon Backup Assistant Service Cost?

Backup assistant is now included with the Verizon’s Wireless service. It is provided free of charge and you can avail the benefits for free. However, the data cost is not covered with it. You would need a few Mb to download the Backup Assistant first and the standard data rates would apply.

You can only associate only one device for backup at a time. But from a computer, one can access Verizon cloud and then restore the contacts to any device like a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can also export those contacts to your Gmail account in vCard format too.

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How to Get Verizon Backup Assistant ?

Backup Assistant is the online backup service for contacts of Verizon Wireless. If you need to reset your cell phone or transfer your contacts to a new cell phone then, use a backup assistant to restore your contacts.

  1. Verify that your device is compatible
    Search for Backup Assistant in your device’s App menu. If found, then your device is compatible; tap on it to open. If not found, then visit the app store on your device which may be- Google Play™, Windows® Phone Store, etc. All the basic phones are compatible with Backup Assistant.If Backup Assistant is present in the search list, then your device is compatible.
    If it is not present then, look out for Verizon Cloud to check if the device is compatible with Verizon cloud service or not. To backup your contacts and more information, check out Verizon Cloud FAQs.
    Please refer to Contact Transfer Wizard to know more about backup.
  1. Install Backup Assistant
    To install Backup Assistant in your basic phone, refer to how to get Backup Assistant on your basic phone.
    If you have a smartphone or tablet as your device, then search for the Backup Assistant in the app store of your device. Install it. Finally, open the app to restore your contacts.
  1. Backup Contacts
    There are two methods you can follow to backup contacts. Manual backup and scheduled backups.
  • Manual Backup- Open the Backup Assistant app and select “Backup Now”.
  • Scheduled Backups- Open the Backup Assistant app. Click on “Options”; click on “Schedule” or “Recurring Sync”. Select any one of the time options-Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Late Night. A scheduled backup will run on the time selected.
  1. Restore Contacts
    Restoring your contact will be applicable only if you have backed up your contacts on your previous device and the new device is compatible with Backup Assistant. To restore, open Backup Assistant, enter your PIN, click on “OK” or “Restore”. Your device will sync with the server along with the new contacts.
  1. Manage Contacts Online
    Verizon Cloud lets you to manage all your contacts saved on the phone from online. To know more about Verizon Cloud, check out our guide on how to access Verizon Cloud.
  1. Troubleshoot
    After restoring your contacts, backed up fields will be synced to the device and all the non-supported fields will be empty. You need to re-enter the following for each contact:
  • Ringer
  • SMS Ringer
  • Picture ID
  • Secret
  • Speed Dial
  • Voice Dial

Verizon Backup Assistant Web Issues

On entering and backing up contacts, remember these rules so as to prevent error notices:

  1. Valid phone field characters- 0123456789*#PT
  2. Valid email field characters- Must contain@ and”.”
  3. First name or last name or company name
  4. Phone number or email address

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