T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Price

T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Price have been announced. The iPhone 5s will sell for $99 down with 24 monthly payments of $22.91, while the iPhone 5c will sell for $22 paid in 24 monthly payments with $0 down, with the Simple Choice Plan from T-Mobile.

This means that over the course of 24 months iPhone 5c buyers will have paid $528 for the lower-priced iPhone with a contract, which lets you save a $20 than getting the unlocked iPhone 5c from Apple( which costs $549). However the iPhone 5s will cost about $648 when you include the monthly payments and the down payment, which is about the same as what Apple sells it for.

T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Prices

T-Mobile blazing-fast 4G LTE network now reaches 180 million people in 154 metro areas across the United States and is trying to quickly build a nationwide 4G LTE coverage, in addition to its nationwide 4G HSPA+ network, which reaches 228 million people. iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c customers can enjoy a consistently outstanding 4G wireless experience, seamlessly connecting to both T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G HSPA+ and rapidly expanding 4G LTE network.

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