How to Save iPhone Battery Life & make iPhone battery last longer?

Many people face iPhone battery problems. In order to make your iPhone battery last longer you need to first find out what is draining your iPhone battery. After that make use of the iPhone battery saving tips and get a better battery backup.

Apple provides a variety of iPhones; be it iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE or any other iPhone, all of them have a battery life rating of 10-12 hours. However, with continuous usage and time, the battery slows down or does not work properly to its optimum level. Following are some of the ways which can help you fix the battery shelf life of iPhone:

  1. Wait for it
    After backup or set up as new, the iPhone consumes a lot of power. The reason for power consumption to be high depends on upon the number of apps being downloaded, photos, documents, mail, games, and others. They use the Wi-Fi and the Spotlight (the iOS search system) which consumes a lot of power. The background processes also need to run. Therefore, after upgrade give sometimes a day or so to return back to its normal functionality.
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  1. Test on standby
    When we buy a new phone, it is highly probable that we are busy checking out its new features, downloading apps, playing games, snapping photos and a lot of other cool stuff. In the process, the Wi-Fi stays on, everything we save gets stored in the storage media and the screen remains lit throughout. All of these consume high power.So, note down the charge remaining in your battery; put down the iPhone for about half an hour and then note down the charge. If there is not a huge difference between these two readings then, the battery is working fine and will return to normal state with normal usage.

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  1. Reset Your iPhone
    Reset or reboot the iPhone. This is one of the best ways to treat the iPhone of its ailments. Press and hold the Power and the Home buttons at the same time. When you see Apple logo appear, let go.iphone battery life
  1. Check Usage on iPhone
    iOS 9 allows you to know which apps and services running are using the maximum battery power. Launch Settings from Home screen; click on Battery; click on Show Detailed Usage. This will list all the foreground and background power usage. You can also click on Last 7 Days to get all the data. For instance, if the list shows iCloud Library which was just upgraded means that it is getting downloaded right now, however, if messengers and email show 5% on the screen while 40% on the background then something definitely has gone haywire. To stop the rogue app:

    • Double click Home button to bring Fast App switcher.
    • Swipe the app you want to force stop.
    • Touch the app card, flick it up and off the screen.
    • If the app still misbehaves, re-install or install an alternative app.
  2. Restore
    Restoring the iPhone as new is the nuclear option. Restoring from an old backup often hinders the proper functioning and compatibility of the applications. The iPhone slows down or the battery shelf life decreases or the system hangs. So, the best and last option is to restore. Restoring sets the phone as new. All the documents, pictures, passwords or any data gets erased but the battery life improves.
  1. Contact Apple Customer Care
    Every so often, there arises a problem we cannot just fix without proper help. Like any electronic item, at times things can go wrong with the phones. If you have AppleCare or AppleCare+, then without any further ado, book your appointment with one of the best tech support teams near your place. However, if you are not close to Apple store; then dial 1-800-MY-APPLE in order to set up a mail-in repair.
  2. Use iPhone Low Power Mode
    If your battery life is good enough and not an issue but you want to drink the juice till the last trickle, then use the Low Power mode.

    1. Launch the Settings app from the home screen.
    2. Click on Battery.
    3. Switch the Low Power mode to on.You can know whether the phone is running on Low Power mode or not by looking at the icon on the status bar- it would turn Yellow. The option will turn off automatically when the battery percentage is 80% or higher. So, you would have to keep turning it on frequently if you are impressed by the battery it saves. To save time you just need to command Siri – “Hey Siri turns on low power mode”. It stops background app refresh, automatic downloads and lowers some graphic effects, and if you cannot compromise on that then you can invest in a power bank.
  1. Extend iPhone Battery Life
    Imagine you are confined to an important conference with very low cell reception and lower battery power, and low power mode is not of much help then you are equivalent of being stuck on an island. Fear not, there are a few hacks which might save your life or your work day.

    1. Turn off Wi-Fi if you don’t need it.
    2. Switch off Bluetooth and the headset.
    3. If you need to play audio, use an earphone as it consumes less battery.
    4. Turn off location services, Maps and App stores.
    5. Hide the Clock app in a folder, to keep refreshing it uses GPU cycles.
    6. Remove the lesser important widgets from the home screen.
    7. Lower the screen brightness, larger the screen size and resolution, more the power saved.
    8. Set Auto-Lock to One minute.
    9. Extra sounds like keyboard clicks can be turned off.
    10. Deactivate Alarms, Timers, and Stopwatch.
    11. Facebook and Whatsapp keep syncing in the background, you can surely disable their service for a little while.

These were some of the best power tips for your battery, if you have some more of them that you frequently take advantage of, I would love to hear about them in the comments.

I hope these helped you to save your iPhone battery life and prolong your iPhone battery.please do share this article with your friends if you found this useful.

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