6 Hidden iOS Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier & Save Time!

Shortcuts are one of the ways which make our working experience better. In this article, I’m going to share with you 6 hidden iOS Shortcuts that will be really handy for you.

All the Apple devices namely, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch come with a variety of shortcuts which are fascinating. Some shortcuts are even multi-functional because there are so few buttons. There are buttons like Home button, Volume Rocker buttons, and Power button. We can use these buttons alone or combined to get the desired result. There are so many time and effort saving shortcuts available  which I am listing below just for you! Good luck with the magic.

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  1. How to use the Home button to escape all the things

    If you have got a number of applications open and you want to escape all of them at once, then no need to prepare for an escape plan. Just click the Home button and you are out of the mess created. The best advantage of the physical Home button in an iOS is to escape from all the running applications at once and get back to the main Home screen. It happens that sometimes, we are lost in an app or a browser with multiple pages opened or the Notification bar and forgot how to return to the normal state/home; the solution:one simple click on the Home button.

    hidden ios shortcuts

  2. How to use the Volume Up button or headset to take a picture

    The function of the Volume Up button is to increase the volume of the iOS ringer or audio or video or notification or alarm. However, the function of the Volume Up button changes when we open the Camera Application. It transforms into a shutter release button which allows you to capture images with just a click. Or if you have a headset plugged into your phone while Camera Application is launched, then the Volume Up button becomes the long distance remote shutter release. Happy photo-snapping!!!

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  3. How to use the Home and Power buttons to take a screenshot

    Taking a screenshot is very easy, provided we know the trick. However, Apple doesn’t tell us how to do it out of the box. So, here is the trick. To take a screenshot, click the Home button and the Power button (Sleep/Wake button) together. We can use this shortcut to snap, share and save screenshots in our Camera roll for future use.

  4. How to use the Home button to get to zoom,voice over and accessibility options

    Press the Home button once to go to the home screen. Press and hold the Home button to launch the Siri. Press the Home button twice to open the Fast App Switcher. However, if you enable it in the Settings and press the Home button thrice, then you get to toggle a specific  accessibility option ON/OFF. The accessibility options are- Turn VoiceOver on, Turn Zoom on and Turn White on Black on.

  5. How to use the Home and  Power buttons to enter DFU mode

    DFU is abbreviated for Device Firmware Update. If you need to move one step ahead of recovery mode because of certain issues with the iPhone, then DFU mode is the solution. It can also be used to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 7 back to iOS 6 or even for jailbreak. If you have by mistake, tinkered with the software on the iPhone, the use the Home and Power buttons together to enter into the DFU mode.

  6. How to fix broken Home or Power button

    Power and Home buttons are used frequently, so it is likely that they become unresponsive or stop working altogether. If the phone is under warranty, then Apple can fix it for you. However, if the phone is out of warranty, the paid service is open or you can fix them yourself!

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