Verizon APN Settings & Verizon MMS Settings for Android phones

If you are getting connection errors in your VZW network android phone because of a messed up APN settings or if you are using a unlocked phone on a carrier overseas then you have to input the appropriate APN settings into the device so that it knows how to access the internet. Here I’m listing out these APN settings for VZW.

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE APN Settings & Verizon MMS Settings for Android phones( Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia, HTC One )

Listed below are the Verizon Wireless 4G APN Samsung Galaxy S4, Verizon Wireless 4G APN Settings for Unlocked PhonesVerizon Wireless 4G APN Settings For Sony Xperia and Verizon Wireless 4G APN Settings For HTC and other android devices.

Verizon APN Settings & Verizon MMS Settings for Android phones

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Select Wireless & Networks.
  • Select Mobile Networks.
  • Select Access Point Names.
  • Tap the three dots (or More..) at the bottom right and select New APN.
  • Now enter the information for each field from the list of Verizon APN settings shown below.

Name Verizon
APN internet or vzwinternet
Proxy blank
Port blank
Username blank
Password blank
Server blank
MMS Proxy blank
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 012
Authentication type not set
APN Type internet + mms

On the fields which says blank, you don’t need to put anything there just leave it blank. After entering the settings and saving it, you need to select the new “Verizon APN” you have created. That’s it wait some minutes (or better restart your phone) and it will be working fine now. :)


  1. Roger

    Will this work on a at unlocked galaxy s2 skyrocket phone?

  2. Madhuri

    Does creating this new APN mean that I will automatically receive MMS, without needing to manually turn my mobile data on?

  3. Light source

    Didn’t work. I have to download and run an app that only works in root to use to even get to my apn settings. Anyone know how to fix this on a Verizon Note 3 ?

  4. barry

    This worked like a charm!!

  5. tiff

    Have Verizon Samsung galaxy 4g LTE s3 which is unlocked to prepaid. APNsettings somehow erased and i cannot seem to access full aAPNsetting. Only allows me to change APN but cannot set port or proxy and apn type. Any solutions please.I only was allowedto use internet anyway but thats all i need. Thanx

  6. naeemah

    Will thiswork on a pantech p8010 unlocked

  7. Eric

    This doesn’t work on the S6, they have done something to make it unable to add Apn

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