Verizon Push To Talk – Things You Need To Know

verizon push to talk

Push to Talk (PTT) is a 2-way radio-type service that provides simple communication with the push of a button. It provides instant communication, walkie-talkie style, on the Verizon 4G LTE network or over Wi-Fi. With a push of a button, you can talk to an individual or an entire group (upto 50 members). How Verizon […]

Verizon ranked as the Best in Wireless Network Quality in U.S

Verizon ranked as the Best in Wireless Network Quality in U.S

As per the the latest mobile network performance report by RootMetrics, Verizon has retained its ranking as the best wireless network in the U.S in the second half of 2014 beating its competitor ATT with 2.2 points. Verizon has scored an impressive 93.9/100 in the overall performance report and outperformed ATT, in almost all parameters, […]

Verizon Google Voice MMS is working!

verizon google voice mms

Google has expanded its MMS support to nearly 100 North American carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Initially, it used to be like MMS messages sent to Google Voice numbers would disappear without even a warning that they were not received. But with the help of the network carriers cooperation, Google has able to fix […]

{HOW TO} setup Straight talk APN settings for iPhone 6


Having issues with your new iPhone 6 apn settings for straight talk? Follow below steps to configure internet and mms settings for iphone 6. Straight Talk apn settings are mainly having two versions based on the mobile network carrier you are linked with. It can be either AT&T or TMobile. Both of these have two […]

Verizon Moto X 2nd Gen Price, Specs and Release date

verizon moto x 2nd gen price

The new upgraded Moto X is already available for pre-orders in AT&T and Motorola websites, but now its coming to Verizon. Moto X (2nd Gen) will start selling it this week with a bamboo back promotion. Verizon’s new Moto X will be the first Android device that requires Verizon’s Advanced Calling 1.0 to enable simultaneous […]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 830 Price, Release date and Specs

at&t nokia lumia 830

AT&T confirmed that the latest Pureview device from Nokia – Nokia Lumia 830 Windows Phone 8.1 phone will be launched by them in United States. Lumia 830 offers an excellent camera and premium build quality featuring a metal and polycarbonate build with a multiple of great color options including orange and green. AT&T Nokia Lumia […]

Best Pay As You Go cell phone plans in USA

Best pay as you go cellphone plans

If you’re looking for some ways to save money on your voice,sms and data usage, then you should probably start searching the best Pay As You Go cell phone plans. In this article, we are going to list out few of the best plans offered by the best cell phone service providers in United States […]

H2O APN Settings – iPhone and Android

H2O APN Settings

Use the below H2O APN Settings for configuring internet or data connection and mms settings for sending mms for android, iPhone, iOS, blackberry or other unlocked phones. How to setup APN for H2O Wireless (for Android)? Go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> New APN […]